National Parks

After we began our quest to visit the captials, we learned of the National Park (NP) stamps (from our son-in-law's parents, Barb and Craig). While we are on a quest to visit all 50 state capitals, we are NOT on a quest to visit all 63 (at the time of this writing in 2022) National Parks. If a NP is nearby, not out of the way, convenient to get to, and or epic (like the Grand Canyon), then we will incorporate it into our journeys. For example, we expect to visit at least one NP when we eventually get to Alaska, and there are eight (as of now) - but initial research has shown that most of them you have to take a boat or fly into, you cannot drive.

The NP stamps are similar to the capital stamps.  In all, we will maybe get between 25 and 30 NPs.

  Park: City, State - Visited date (number)     Stamp